Ignite Student Design Competition 2019
Ignite Student Design Competition 2019





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 CSC Calgary is excited to host:

IGNITE 2019 Student Design Competition


CSC Mission Statement:

CSC (Construction Specifications Canada) is a national, multi-disciplanary, non-profit association with chapters across Canada. 

CSC is committed to delivering progressive education, certification, publications and professional networking opportunities for the: Design + Constrution Community.

To this end, CSC pursues the study of systems and procedures which will improve the co-ordination and dissemination of documentation relevant to the construction process.

CSC seeks to enhance the quality of the design and management aspects of construction activity through programs of publication, education, professional development, and certification, believing that in so doing it can best contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the industry as a whole.


To foster problem solving, collaboration and solutions-based outcomes that draw on the strengths of team members working under strict time constraints.

The competition mission is aimed to improve integration of young professionals into the industry through mentorship and collaboration with industry leaders.

Target Audience

Currently the target audience are upcoming design professionals:

  • Interior Design Students from Mount Royal University
  • Architectural Technology Students from SAIT
  • Construction Project Management Students from SAIT
  • (Goals are to include more disciplines in future events)


The Ignite Student Design Competition is a CSC initiative to expose upcoming professionals in the industry to a mock project for a real client.  Students develop their submissions – with a focus on the importance of quality documents – aided by input from multiple industry representatives and the client.

The event is a fast-paced affair commencing this year with a tradeshow and Kickoff Night on Wednesday, February 27, 2019, followed by 2 intense weekend days with peers and mentors ending at 11:59pm on Sunday, March 3. The CSC-assigned teams, meeting for the first time at the Kick-off event, are a mix of Architectural Technologists, Project Managers and Interior Designers from both schools.

CSC is planning for a mid-March Awards’ Night gala. A variety of prizes are awarded based on input from industry mentors and judges.

The event is structured to bring together students with differing educational experience to work in a

project team and to provide access to mentors and the client for advice and guidance on how the students can accomplish constructible, clearly communicated, effective design solutions under strict time constraints.

With CSC Calgary Chapter mentors acting as “the bridge” between both schools and students, the competition is scheduled to take place “live” over a weekend in early March 2019.  Part of the competition rules dictate that each design team must take one part of their design concept and write a specification section along with evidence of “logged” help of industry mentors such as specification writers, architects, interior designers, or manufacturer representatives who will be available for consultation on each of the two days of the competition.

Mount Royal University Interior Design professors, SAIT School of Architectural Technology academic chair and SAIT Construction Project Management academic chair are in full support of the CSC Ignite- Student Design Competition. They are fully engaged, ready to help and fully participate with CSC Calgary in the third edition of this 3-day event.


This is a wonderful opportunity for networking with other young design professionals and receiving mentorship on the importance of quality construction documents.


CSC proposes that the commercial construction industry comes together and actively gets involved.

Areas that you can become engaged include:

  • Assist in marketing the event to students, colleagues and industry.
  • Provide mentorship to the design team during the working weekend.
  • Propose judges for the event.
    • Ideally the Judging Panel will be compromised of Architects, Specification Writers, General Contractors, Interior Designers, Client, etc.Assist in finding an actual client with a small project in mind.
  • Propose sponsors for the event: Without sponsors, this would not be possible.

This will be CSC’s third annual competition. The first two competitions were enormously successful and with the assistance of even more groups it can only become better while reflecting more of the construction industry.


Most sincerely,

Kirsten Janes, DID, IDA, IDC, NCIDQ
CSC Interior Design Officer, CSC Ignite Committee Chair

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