CSC Calgary Chapter Executive 2022-2023
February 16, 2022 | By Webmaster

Dear CSC Calgary Chapter Member:
The CSC Calgary Chapter Nominating Committee presents below, the Slate of Officers up for election to the 2022/2023, Calgary Chapter Executive in accordance with the By-Laws of Construction Specifications Canada.
We invite you to make nominations on the form enclosed herewith.
Be sure to have your nominee's signed consent and the proper number of nominators for each office.
Nominations shall be emailed to: Joe Black, jblack@ixlbuild.com
Elected Positions available:
Click the Position below to open a hyperlink for the Roles and Responsibilities of each Position
Click Here to open the nomination form.
Nomination forms to must be returned no later than April 25th, 2022.
Officers Duties overlap with Sub-Committee assignments. Such as Special Events, including appointed positions below.
Appointed Positions include:
Click the Appointed Position below to open Roles and Responsibilities of each appointed volunteer position.
Please send an email to Joe Black indicating your interest in any of the Appointed Positions. 
All Appointed Positions are done at the discretion of the Newly Elected Chapter Executive.
Marketing Chair
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