CSC Calgary October 19, 2021 Chapter Meeting

CSC Calgary - The Spec Writers Guide to the (Acoustic) Galaxy
October 19, 2021 | By Chapter Webmaster

The Spec Writers Guide to the (Acoustic) Galaxy

About this event
Please join us for our CSC Calgary October Lunch / Virtual meeting. 
October 19, 2021
11:30am - 1:00pm

The Spec Writers Guide to the (Acoustic) Galaxy.

The presentation will cover:
The difference between acoustic lab and acoustic field performance, and why it matters The impact of your Division 9 specifications on acoustic field performance and the key details that can make or break the field  performance of acoustical assemblies.

Avoiding pitfalls in your acoustic wall and ceiling design
  • CAC - relying on CAC for sound blocking and speech privacy could put your clients privacy requirements at risk
  • STC - more is not always more
  • The impact of stud thickness (and gauge and more) on STC 
  • Resilient Channels - overpromising and under delivering 
  • Sound reducing drywall (a.k.a Acoustic Drywall) - Does the math finally work?It is time for some really complex addition!
LUMINO Park Affordable Housing Case Study (Calgary, AB)

The critical role of spec writers, architectural technologists, and contract administrators for successful acoustical field installations.


Kris Norman

Kris Norman has been involved in Canadian building products industry for over a decade. Kris is currently a partner in with SounDivide Inc, which represents manufacturers of high performance acoustical products, including QuietRock sound reducing drywall (www.quietrock.com ) and ROCKFON acoustical ceiling systems (www.rockfon.com).

His sales philosophy and approach is science and data driven (i.e. let the science do the selling!).

Kris has always had a connection to the technology sector throughout his 25+ year career spanning robotics and computer vision, telecommunications, and pharmaceutical industries, often in a technical sales role, before settling into the architecture, building and construction industry with advanced and high performance acoustical products.

Kris holds an MBA from the University of Ottawa along with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland. 

The Winston Golf Club will be implementing the Restriction Exemption program (REP).

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